1. A collection of information preferably related information and organized as known as ——

2. The database contains both ——and —–
Metadata and row data

3. A database is a ———
Structured object

4. An application is a piece of software that run on a computer as known as —–
An application

5. OLTP stand for
Online Transaction Processing

6. The disadvantage of hierarchical database medal—–
Any access mast originate at the root note

7. What is the advantage of relational database model
Any table can be linked together regandlem of their hierarchical position

8. SDK stand for —
Software Development Kit

9. Who was invented the relational database
Dr E F Codd

10. A database based on small change to the database as know as ——-
A transactional database

11. —————-is essentially a small subset of a data warehouse
Data mat

12. Simply a mixture containing data OLTP types concurrency requirements as known as ——–
A hybrid database

13. CAD stand for
Computer Aided Design

14. ———is a set of nulls in a database model

15. ERD stand for
Entity Relationship Diagram

16. DDL stand for
Data Definition Language

17. A database model is a —— for how data is stored in a database and is similar to an architectural approach for how data is stored

18. An object database model provides a ————– structure to data where any item in a database can be retrieved from any point very rapidly
Three dimensional

19. Hybrid databases are the combination of both ————-and ————
OLTP, data warehouse

20. The other name of adios queries is ———
Unplanned queries

21. A pretty picture commonly known as an ———
Entity relational diagram

22. A database model is used to —–
Create a database

23. As a natural progression of improvement in ———-
Database modeling design

24. Each steps in the evolutionary development of database modeling has—–
Solved one on more problems

25. Database model is essential to understand that a well organized design process in ——-
Paramount of success

26. What is a database means?
Collection of information preferably related information.

27. A database consists of the
Physical files

28. The metadata is the –
Customer table definition

29. A database is often represented graphically by a
Cylindrical disk

30. A database model can be loosely used to describe an organized and ordered set of –
Information stored on a computer

31. The requires updates and extensive reporting must have large amounts of properly sorted data low concurrency relative low response time-
Data warehouse application

32. The initial solution was no virtually database model at all—
The file system

33. The hierarchical database model is an inverted
Tree like structure

34. The table of this model is like
Child parents relationship

35. The network model allows ——
Child tables to have more the one parents thus creating a networked like table structure

36. Benefit of the relational database model is
Any tables can be liked together regardless of their hierarchical position

37. RDBMS stand for
Relational Database Management System

38. Relational database was invented by
IBM researched name Dr.E F Codd

39. Relational database model are beginning stage?
Group of data from a large data set.

40. The file system is the
Operating system

41. The network model allows child tables to have more than one parent relationship
Many to many

42. Which are the functional database categories
Transactional , dss and hybrid

43. In data warehouse database generally contain many years of ——- kind of data
Historical data

44. When metadata applies to row data ?
Structure and organization

45. Which is composed of a number of step called normal forms

46. Oltp database caws problems with the

47. An application is a computer

48. The term describe a simple text file is
Flat file

49. In a file system database data can be stored in
Individual and multiple files

50. Each child table has a single
Parent tables

51. An object database model provides
Three dimensional structure

52. Many modern applications are written using object methodology based on
SDKs such as java

53 database functionally fall into —general categories

53. The object database model performs extremely

54. The standard work hours of us is per year
200 hours per year

55. DDL stand for
Data Definition language