1. The very beginning of database model design is
A. Doing the code with the programmers
B. Drawing up a specific analysis of what is needed
C. Drawing up the tables and applying referential integrity
D. All of above
E. None of above
Answer: B

2. The process of initial fact-finding through interview to the end user is known as
A. Analysis
B. Design
C. Construction
D. Implementation
Answer: A

3. What is true about analysis?
A. Proper analysis can be achieved by just interviewing the technical persons.
B. Analysis essentially describes a business.
C. What are the tables in database is not a part of analysis.
D. Analysis defines the general table structure.
Answer: B

4. The establishment of inter table relationship is a(n)
A. Design process
B. Analysis process
C. Construction process
Answer: B

5. Which of the following tasks are included in design phase?(choose 3)
A. Interviewing
B. Build the table graphically
C. Establishment of inter-table relationship
D. Define data types
E. Applying referential integrity
Answer: B, D, E

6. Creating stored procedure is a part of
A. Design phase
B. Analysis phase
C. Construction phase
D. Implementation phase
Answer: C

7. The best database models are produced by paying attention to
A. Number of analysts being working
B. Detail in the analysis stage.
C. Detail in the design stage.
D. Detail in the construction stage.
Answer: B

8. Which of the following is the heart of the analysis stage?
A. Overall objective
B. Company operations
C. Business rules
D. Planning
Answer: C

9. Project plan typically includes-
A. Objective of the company
B. Operation of the company
C. How much will cost
D. Who does what and when
Answer: D

10. More normalization leads better queries
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

11. How many steps to build up a database model?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
Answer: C

12. Which of the following steps to build a database model?
A. Analysis, Integrity, Design, Implementation,
B. Design, Update, Query, Analysis
C. Analysis, Design, Construction, Implementation
D. Design, Implementation, planning, ERDs
Answer: C

13. A Database system is built for—
A. Database
B. Query
C. Application
D. Software
Answer: C

14. What will be analysis to build up a Database of a company?
A. How we will be provided a program?
B. Analysis is more about what is required to a company?
C. Analysis is more about what is provided to a company.
D. It is a step to build table.
Answer: B

15. What is design to build up a database?
A. Build the tables graphically, add fields, define data types & apply referential integrity.
B. Build a structure normally, add records, & define the primary key
C. Apply referential integrity. Define table, & process the application to database.
D. Not above all
Answer: A

16. What are the tools to make designing of a database?
A. Tables , fields, data types
B. Tables , column, raw
C. Raw, Item, record
D. Character, Tables, items
Answer: A