1. How many categories are there in web report?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Five
Answer: B

2. By which layout, the data model is shared?
A. Web layout
B. Paper layout
C. A and B
D. None
Answer: C

3. Which tags are standard HTML code and delimit the start and end of the body of the web page?
A. <start> and </start>
B. <html> and </html>
C. <body> and </body>
D. <header> and </header>
Answer: C

4. Which two are sign for less than and greater than in a report block?
A. It, gt
B. <, >
C. <less_than>, <greater_than>
D. &It, & gt
Answer: D

5. It is not possible to view data model and paper layout details when you are viewing web source in report builder. How can you resolve this problem and view complete code?
A. Using PL/SQL editor
B. Report editor
C. Property inspector
D. Text editor
Answer: D

6. Tag creates a cursor for the data source group and moves the cursor to the next instance for each interaction. But which one?
A. rw.foreach
B. rw.header
C. rw.report
D. rw.tablib
Answer: A

7. The rw.header tag loops through the specified data source group.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

8. A style sheet is a _____ that is used to store margins, tabs, headers, footers and other layout settings for a particular category of documents.
A. Format
B. File
C. Tag
D. A and C
Answer: B