1. Memory conservation is a priority. One application that may allow memory to be conversed is Payroll, because users rarely will use all the Forms items in the Payroll application. How can you set up the Payroll application to lead only the items needed?

A. Create one form with several data blocks, and limit the navigation cycle to keep less used data blocks from loading.
B. Create one form with several data blocks, map each data block to a different database table, and display only the items needed.
C. Allow the Human Resources Department users access only to items that will require updates.
D. Modularize the application by creating many small forms and grouping frequently used items.
Answer: D

2. Which circumstance will cause the Data Block Wizard to display the Master-Detail page?

A. When you are creating a control block.
B. When there is an existing block in the form.
C. When you check the Enforce Data Integrity check box.
D. When a foreign key exists in the database which relates to the table you are using as a Data source.
Answer: B

3. How would you associate Database Tables with form objects in order to access the tables from a form?
A. Create a data block and base it on all database tables you need to access.
B. Create a control block and associate its items with columns from database tables.
C. Create a data block for each database table you need to access.
D. Create a control block and associate its items with data blocks that are based on database tables.
Answer: C

4. Which three options does the Data Block Wizard allow you to select as a data source for a block? (Choose three)
A. View
B. Table
C. No Data Source
D. Stored Procedure
E. Table of Records
F. From Clause Query
G. Transactional Trigger
Answer: A, B, D

5. Which master detail property would you use to delete the master record, but prevent detail records from being deleted?
A. Non-isolated
B. Cascading
C. Isolated
D. Restricted
Answer: C

6. What is an indication that the Data Block Wizard is in re-entrant mode?
A. There is a tabbed interface.
B. The Finish button is disabled.
C. There are no Next> or <Back buttons.
D. The page to create relations does not appear.
E. You cannot switch between different types of data sources.
Answer: A