1. You modify the layout of a block using the Layout Wizard. When you are finished, you notice that there is an additional frame on your canvas and in the Object Navigator. Why did this frame appear?
A. You did not specify a frame title in the Layout Wizard.
B. You did not select a frame before invoking the Layout Wizard.
C. You clicked the Finish button in the Layout Wizard without navigating through all the screens.
D. You invoked the Layout Wizard from the top menu, rather than from the popup menu that appears when you right-click the canvas.
Answer: B

2. Which two data block properties can be set to abort a long running query? (Choose two)
A. Number of Records Buffered.
B. Numbers of Records Displayed.
C. Query Array Size.
D. Maximum Query Time.
E. Query All Records.
F. Maximum Records Fetched.
Answer: D, F

3. A control blocks is a form block that _____.
A. Does not have items that allow input from users.
B. Can have items relates to columns within database tables.
C. Is a main block in the form, and it controls other blocks in the form.
D. Is not associated with any database table, and its items do not relate to any columns within any database table.
Answer: D

4. The Navigation Style property is set to Change Record for a data block. What happens to the cursor when you reach the end of the current record in the block?
A. The cursor moves to the first record of the previous adjacent data block.
B. The cursor moves to the previous record of the same data block.
C. The cursor moves to the next record at the same data block.
D. The cursor moves to the first record of the next adjacent data block.
Answer: C

5. You want to standardize the appearance of certain text items in a particular form, so you create a Visual Attribute called TEXT_ITEM_VA and define values for all of its properties. Which four properties can you set by applying TEXT_ITEM_VA to the items? (Choose four)
A. Width
B. Height
C. Prompt
D. Font Weight
E. Fill Pattern
F. Font Spacing
G. Foreground Color
Answer: D, E, F, G