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Chapter 1: The Programming Process

                           Ref book: Programming Practices & Techniques (6th edition)

1. What is computer program?

Ans: A group of instructions for a computer that cause it to perform a desired task.

2. What do you know about programming process? or, List the activities of the programming (or problem solving) process in order

Ans: The programming process is, therefore, a problem solving process. It consists of the following activities…

1.   Defining a problem

2.   Preparing an algorithm

3.   Preparing a program flowchart

4.   Coding the program

5.   Debugging and testing

6.   Documenting 

3. What things the programmers must carry out before proceeding one activity to the next?

Ans: Each activity has checking procedures that the programmer must carry out before proceeding to the next activity.

4. When does the programmer carry out documenting activities?

Ans: Documenting activities are carried out simultaneously with the other activities.

5. What is input?

Ans: The operation of reading data that is to be read and processed by a program.
                  N.B: We can get input by two way…..I) from file II) by using Keyboard

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